Return of Goods 
1. Should the Buyer (Consumer) withdraw from the Purchase and Sale Agreement as stated in Article  of these Regulations, the goods are to be returned at the Buyer’s expense within seven days following the Buyer’s written notice of withdrawal from the Purchase and Sale Agreement. Articles with the form, size, colour, model or complement (except for cases within the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania) that dissatisfies the Buyer (Consumer) shall be replaced or accepted from the Buyer within seven days following the delivery of goods. The return of goods shall be carried out in accordance with the Order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania No. 217 “On approval of regulations of return and replacement of goods“ dd. 29 June 2001, the goods are to be returned at the Buyer’s expense.
1.2 The goods are to be returned in their original and shipment packaging (with manual and warranty certificate if those have been provided with the article). The good returned must be accompanied with the original invoice that comes with the article as well as filled out and signed return form.
1.3 The Buyer shall bear the responsibility for completing and packaging of the article. If the article is not completed and properly packaged, the Seller shall be entitled not to accept the article returned.
1.4. If the goods have been used and/or damaged and/or lost their marketable condition (changes in the appearance of the article or its packaging, necessary to inspect the article, are not considered the substantial appearance changes), they shall not be accepted by the Seller.