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Our progress
The Mir-Auto company occupies one of the leading positions in wholesale trade in automobile details in the Lithuanian market. Over 40 producers have entrusted us import and sale of the production intended for more than 200 models of cars.
In far 2005 we have begun the work with the small enterprise developing a sale network by forces of two employees. 10 years we accumulated knowledge, were in continuous search of new opportunities of improvement of sales, gained invaluable experience of trade on a commodity market for cars. Today it is possible to tell with confidence that we became the modern, dynamically developing company specializing in wholesale trade in the autodetails delivered from the different countries.
For years of successful work we have received reputation of the reliable and stable partner, both on internal, and on external the markets.
Joint efforts of our team and producers allow us to achieve the best results in business. Discipline and commitment to implementation of the strategy of steel for us planned business by guarantee of competitiveness in the market of Lithuania.
Our purposes
For years of work we have got respect at partners that became guarantee of our successful cooperation with more than 40 producers from Europe and Asia. Despite success, we are in continuous search of new partners and goods.
We see one of the key purposes of our activity in the conclusion of transactions with foreign producers, distribution of their best goods in Lithuania, and also representation of their commercial interests in domestic market. We also do everything possible to meet interests and requirements of our buyers, adhering to the principle of expansion of a range of the prices, the big range of goods and the high quality delivered production.
Our team

It is possible to tell with pride that thanks to our talented and initiative team we can provide successful sales of the delivered goods, helping to achieve commercial success, both to suppliers, and our clients. We make use of knowledge and practical experience of our employees who are a sample of high standards of work in the atmosphere of the competition in the market of automobile details. We create traditions of neustupny economic progress, lifting to a sale maximum in domestic market.